A Special Event at Living Legends of Paintball 4. 5-Man Scenario Tournament for Living Legends and NPPL Chicago Open Paid Participants

Defuse Bedlam: 5-Man Scenario TournamentMay 20 at CPX Sports in Joliet, Illinois

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May 19-20, 2011
CPX Sports, Joliet, IL
CPX Sports or Hellions Warzone Official Thread
Complimentary all Living Legends and NPPL paid participants.
$50 Cases of Empire special event paint (Not for LL4).
Each team plays Attack and Defend

Schedule of Events:

Times TBA -- Quallifiers

Times TBA -- Qualifiers. The final four will fight it out before the Pump/Pistol Event.

Special Notes:

Entry is complimentary all Living Legends 4 and NPPL paid participants.

Scores are combined from Attack and Defend portions for team total. 1200 points theoretical maximum.

 The 4 highest scoring teams will face off in the finals bracket.
1st place: $750
2nd place: $250



GAME - 5 minutes

PLAYERS - 5 Attackers versus 5 Defenders

ATTACK MISSION - 600 possible points (theoretical)

+ Primary mission - Defuse the bomb in the Post Office. - (300 points theoretical)

+ Secondary mission - Kill all 5 Defenders - (20 points each)

+ Tertiary mission – Save the (2) Hostages before game ends. - (100 points each)

DEFEND MISSION – 600 possible points

+ Primary mission - Set off the Bomb in the Post Office. - (300 points maximum)

+ Secondary mission - Kill all 5 Attackers. - (20 points each)

+ Tertiary mission – Hold the (2) Hostages until game ends. - (100 points each)


Game is five (5) minutes long.

Each side will have five (5) players and cannot be from the same team.

Each team will play the role of Defender first and then will play the role of Attacker.

The next team in line will then assume the Defenders spot.

Attackers deploy from the CPX Police Van.

Defenders start in 3 adjacent buildings (A, D and E on map).

One Defender begins in Building E with the Bomb.

One Defender begins in Building D with a Hostage.

Remainder of Defenders begin in Building A with a Hostage.

Bomb is placed in Building E and is armed at the start. 

Defenders collect 1 point for every second the bomb remains armed.  Points accumulation will end if the bomb is defused or if all Attackers are eliminated.

Attackers collect 1 point for every second after the bomb is defused.  Points accumulation will continue until game time ends or all Defenders are eliminated.

Bomb cannot be re-armed once it has been defused.

Hostages may be used as shields, however any hostage killed will result in a 100-point penalty to BOTH teams. 

Hostages may only be relocated by the Attacking team once freed, and they must be with an active player in order to be moved.

$50 per case of Empire event paint. Note: Paint may not be used at Living Legends.

All modes of fire are permitted

No limit to paint or air carried

280 FPS maximum


Hostage penalty is to prevent the either team from simply shooting the hostages to prevent the other team points.  Keeping them in the game spreads the action out and prevents an "Alamo" game mentality.

Bonus ends upon eliminating the other team in order to make teams play tactically based on the field objectives.  It will also make it more of a challenge.

Bomb is armed at Game On.  Defenders collect points for time held.  If defused, the Attackers get bonus for remainder of game or until last opposing player is shot out.  Time ends if the entire team is eliminated.  Bomb cannot be re-armed once defused.  Bomb referee will maintain the clock.

Defuse Bedlam Scenario Event Videos
Featuring CPX Sports' own Team LSD and Hellions SFG

Defuse Bedlam Trailer: Instructional Remix


Defuse Bedlam Teaser: Tourney Style

Defuse Bedlam Teaser: Mil-Sim Style

Bedlam Simple Diagram (Note: Map is not true to life)

Defuse Bedlam Event Poster

Event Poster