The Hellions are organized under the United States Army Special Forces’ Operational Detachment-Alpha (ODA) team concept. The twelve man ODA, more commonly known as an A-Team, is the basic building block of one of our Nation’s most prestigious and clandestine fighting forces, the Green Berets. The Hellions chose the Special Forces ODA as its organizational template because it seemed to be the perfect unit structure to enable it to take maximum advantage of every player’s individual expertise and personal skills in the field–when it matters the most. Each member of the team contributes a unique blend of professional and recreational experience, including prior military service in the Army, Navy and Marine Corps as well as law enforcement training and other technical civilian proficiencies. The Hellions currently have three ODAs that are active in the field at this time.

So, what do we look for in a teammate?

Ambition – We desire highly proactive players. If you need a make-believe officer to constantly drive you and motivate you, it is very likely you won’t get a great deal out of your experience with us.
Cooperation -We want true team players who desire to work as a unit to achieve a common objective, not sit back and hope to snipe one or two opponents after they have broken through your comrades’ line and are overrunning your position.
Maturity – While experience comes with age, talent and skill can be found in all ages. We want players who understand the importance of maintaining a good image, both on the field and off, in victory and defeat. Respect is earned, not taken. We value our reputation of having good sportsmanship just as much as our winning record.
Aggressiveness – We need players who possess a winner’s mind set. While a good defense might very well persevere through the battle, a good offense is what wins the war.
The Hellions charge no fees to join, nor do we collect monthly dues to remain a member. We prefer to allow each person to select their preferred equipment. It is important to point out the fact that the Hellions portray United States Special Forces operators, not soldiers of fortune or a band of renegade mercenaries. We expect members to come to the field accordingly. Mil-sim means looking the part. We wear either ACU’s or modified BDU’s. If you prefer playing in jeans and sneakers, you would be much more comfortable on another team.

If you are still interested and would like to apply, follow the link to our forum, Hellions Warzone. There is a topic entitled “Join” in the public area. Of course, even if you are not looking to become part of the team, we would like to welcome you to become active in our forum and share your personal experiences in the world of scenario and mil-sim paintball.

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