Hellions Take the Airwaves

Kevlar’s Bio

Kevin “Kevlar” Quinn hails from Chicago, where he started playing paintball at the age of 11 at CPX–then known as Challenge Park Xtreme. Growing up with Tippmanns, he began playing scenario paintball in 2001, and started his own team, “Midway Militia”, with friends inspired by the area of Chicago where they were from. He went on to meet the Hellions while in high school, and ultimately joined their ranks. Along the way, his college work and education brought him to learn about radio and television broadcasting. Working as an Executive Producer in TV and interning in radio, the Warzone Podcast was started in Fall 2010 and has gradually gained momentum. He makes his Bachelors in Communications and Theater minor work for him while developing content. He is also very proud to be an honorary member of the Windy City Paintball Club.

Phoenix’s Bio

Coming soon.

Warzone Podcast Mission Statement

The mission of the Warzone Podcast is to collect, produce and disseminate news and information in a widely accessible and mobile format with an emphasis on bringing a greater understanding and appreciation of the sport of scenario paintball to the general public.  Host Kevin “Kevlar” Quinn will feature reviews of regional fields and new products as well as interviews with some of the  industry’s biggest personalities.  The show’s motto is “Substance over Hype”, and it will work to bridge the gap between scenario, tournament, and woodsball play.”

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